Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Unknown 

The unknown - by Njepie-7-14-2013
     The world we live in is a complex environment of unlimited understandable and mysterious objects, products, societies and even individuals.  If each one of us could examine the level of unknown in her/his surroundings, we will never find a time for the rest of our daily tasks. The majority of the population, if not everybody, spends hours, days, and years trying to understand or avoid falling into the dilemma of unknown. However, despite our efforts, we still do not know a high percentage of our daily outcome before the sunset.
     Let us look at a mother with a baby. She does not know many things about the future of her baby and even simply, the baby’s appreciation of the next meal. Some parents may think that, as years go by, they will control, influence, and guide the ability of a child to understand and discover appropriately the unknown world and efficiently shape the child’s future.  If you are a grandfather or grandmother reading this piece, you already know that the future and the next steps of your child have been and are still unknown.  Although we spend couple lines talking about children, yourself, grandmother/grandfather, you are still not sure about your Pandora box of unknown.
     The academic and business fields are often assumed to have the largest share of the portion of the unknown on earth. More importantly the academic various tools such as research have been used to reveal and understand most complex puzzles believed to exist and block our progress on earth, it has even took the man on the Moon and soon Mars may be next. However, experts in academic fields still need to invest more neurons to discover the following unknown in their respective field. This unknown has always fed schools of all categories of endless numbers of students and it will still do in the future. On the other hand, the world of a businessman is also filled with unknown. Despite some business professionals who believed to have figured out the unknown, yet deeper in their hearts of the hearts they have realized that they still have large big shoes to fill. Their lives have become a balanced sheet of cash that they can lose or double depending on how they are balancing the unknown of the day.  The Wholesalers would argue that their unknown is even much stressful since each customer is unknown based on the fact that he/she may or may not buy. In addition, some customers go even to the peak of being unknown by introducing many variables in the mix. Examples include customers that fight in the store or aggressively address or threaten wholesalers. I will not comment about Wall Street or stock exchange since they are surprisingly a daily unknown outcome with a potential of affecting a large population. If you have doubts about this scenario check the story of Facebook and its famous IPO. You will definitely understand what the unknown could do to you in fractions of seconds.
     Human growth or daily life, academic and business could not outpace the world of medicine in dealing with the highest level of unknown. Most people have sought, at multiple times, the care of a medical Doctor and used most of their prescriptions. However, nor the Doctor or patient and even the pharmacists do not really know many things about patient’s body to ensure future full recovery. A huge number of our society members have already experienced the ambiguity of the unknown shadow in the medical field and many of their family members had to pay the ultimate price. It may sometimes sound hypothetical that a Medical Doctor, with all the years he/she spent in school still has a big pile of unknowns he/she moves around with. However, the bigger the pile, the proliferous the medical field will forever be in handling unknowns associated with human health.
     The most encouraging is that mankind has acknowledged and accepted to live with the unknown and gave it the leadership of our society that have always to make decisions or vote for or against the unknown. We should probably have the courage to call our leaders “Representatives” since the supreme leader is “the unknown”. If you are religious and you are reading my piece, you may not understand “the unknown” or confuse it with your faith. Well, simply your “unknown” is already controlled by what you believe in. For Christians, they will solemnly confirm that their unknown is controlled and managed by the Lord on their behalf. Here, I would say that religious communities need to remember that the unknown includes the matters of religion. If this was not the case, we will surely have one universal religion. However, the unknown in the matters of the faith has opened doors to a multiple church and religion society.
     Always remember, that the unknown is the next move or improvement in your field, your job, and your daily life. It is the objective you have defined longtime ago, which seems out of reach today. The unknown is the motivation for future innovations, technologies, businesses, and human dignity. The unknown is the past, the present, and the future. Make the unknown your motivation and you will achieve unthinkable. Today take a minute and think of your unknown and ask yourself: “what can I do about my unknown?"

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