Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Yourself in America

Everybody has high expectations, dreams, and ambitions when it comes to coming in America from a developing country. For academically oriented immigrants, it is another day in the paradise and for business man, it is a struggle to belong in a protective law system. If you are in the school, you have access to all the books you need, chances to interact with some of the best professors and to measure your knowledge and skills at the level of the world. If you are luck enough and have a chance to attend one of the best schools in USA such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University or Stanford University you will have all academic privileges that you have dreamed. Best professors, who have achieved and made changes in applied sciences, engineering, industrial applications, manufacturing, medicine, etc. I believe that we agree upon the value that you will have after your graduations. However, all these good and wonderful American gifts are currently on lish. The economic crisis has slowed down the pace of the integration in American society and narrowed the entry door to opportunities. You have to be qualified, have a green card or a permanent residence to really be as fully competitive as an American. In addition, you have to know someone in the company or have a friend of a friend with the HR of the company or have a recommendation from an investor or shareholder to be hired.

“We are all open to equal opportunities”: say American politician.  However, there are additional factors down the road that are very hard to control and to understand at community level. I used to think that America was really a peaceful country where democracy has reached the most balance in the world. However, I was really surprised to see that “black and white concept” still exists in some communities and even distributed to a high level of conspiracy and secrecy that are sometimes had to understand. The most discouraging is that there are some people who are accumulating wealth from these discrepancies and others losing members of their families every day. At the end of the day, many black American families will account high number of annual deaths in drug smuggling or dealing, high numbers of young kids dropping out of schools, teenage girls involved in prostitution and many others with different categories of drug addictions.On the other hand, there are Americans communities who have passed the racial limitations. They have appreciation of the unlimited greatness of human capacity, achievements, realization and innovations that goes beyond the racial segregation. They value the competitiveness and adaptability factors that will lead America to a new era of a country without black and white concept. The good news is that international African students do not account any difficulties associated with this concept in schools they attend in America. The community at school is wonderful, supportive, helpful. It is full of unimaginable greatness.   

As someone who grows up in Africa, unaware of this American drama, you have to stick to your goals that you had when you planned to come to USA. One day the emperor of Japan said that we cannot forget where we come from, although it is always hard to know where we are heading.  Africans in America do not be misguided by the misrepresentations of some people with a hidden agenda. They look like sweet people, but there are as deadly as sugar. If you disagree with this saying, ask diabetics, they know how ice cream is deadly despite the sweet test. 

As we struggle to acquire the knowledge, skills, experiences from this country we should not allow ourselves to be taken in the American games, but learn and get the knowledge and experiences to keep the pride of Africa. We came in America for studying, acquiring knowledge, skills, experiences and networking for future development and changes in our native countries. The jobs we may not have today, we will have them tomorrow.  In fact, we are among the most patient people when it comes to waiting for unexpected responses. We also have to fight for keeping the little social cohesion that remains in the heart of the hearts of Africans. Otherwise, the individualism in this capitalist America will take our social bindings away and melt them like snow when the winter gives time to the spring. 

LifeEngine Clean Water Project

LifeEngine Clean Water Project
Testing Water Filtration Technology in Bisate Village