Saturday, August 6, 2011

HydroHarvest is Making Progress in Rwanda

HydroHarvest Team has the pleasure to update you on the progress of the implementation process of its initiative in Rwanda. As you may call, with your support and encouragement, HydroHarvest won two awards, totaling $10,000, in May 2011 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): an MIT Global Challenge Competition award and a fellowship from the MIT chapter of Tau Beta Pi.During the last three months, HydroHarvest Team have been working with the community partners to implement the pilot project at Maranyundo Girls Schools. Currently, we have completed the installation of all infrastructures ( 2 water tanks of 10,000 L each) and the training about system management and repair. Furthermore, we have also trained the girls at the school on how to operate the water filter system. This water filter uses nanotechnology (Manufactured by Seldon Technologiesand was generously given to HydroHarvest for the Maranyundo Project by Rosalie Wyman and Bill Wyman through their initiative "Wyman Worldwide Health Partners".  HydroHarvest will be running the project at Maranyundo Girls School as a pilot for this coming year. The data that will be collected will help in expending our initiative to new schools and institutions in Rwanda and in other developing countries.

Preparing the Site where one of the water tank will be installed 
Completion of one of the water bases. One of the construction technicians on work  
Installation of the water tank on its base. One of the Benebikira Sisters inspecting the installation 
Installation of the gutters on roofs where the water will be collected 
Installation of the roof cover on one of the water tanks. 
Marvin Arnold, Team member of HydroHarvest is Training Maranyundo School students and Benebikira Sisters on how to operate the filtration system that will brink rainwater to drinkable.
Training session and Q&A to other questions related to the system.
Training session and the view of one of the water tanks provided by HydroHarvest in the background. 

LifeEngine Clean Water Project

LifeEngine Clean Water Project
Testing Water Filtration Technology in Bisate Village